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STEM Building Blocks Toys Educational Set for Kids 119 in 1 Motorized Engineering Kits Ideal Gifts for Boys and Girls Ages 6 years and up

A Building Model for children in STEM Education 丨 119 types of gear structure models

Brand Name: NKOSC
Application age: 6 years old and above
Material: Plastic
Weight: 0.695KG
Size: 29 × 21 × 5 cm (Custom Adjustable)
E-Manual: Download
· 319 technology blocks and the difference between ordinary blocks is that technology blocks can achieve different angles of the puzzle.
· Our Creative Guides offer 119 building designs. Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. These guides are made up of three difficulty levels to fully stimulate the builder’s creativity. 
· If your child loves STEM activities, then this is sure to be the best gift Our kits contain models of vehicles, military equipment, life tools, and more to stimulate the imagination of young builders by explaining how mechanics use gears to power scientific toys. Making it easy to give your child a completely undisturbed space to “improvise” even with random building, gradually developing active planning, creativity, organization, and play skills.
· our educational construction toys are made from ABS plastic and are easy to clean. Each boy is free from phthalates, lead, cadmium, and ASTM、CE certification. Our investment in child-friendly materials and rigorous laboratory testing ensures that your child is 100% safe from harmful chemicals.
· NKOSC children’s educational toys are easier to build with precision open molding of each part and once made they won’t come off easily, with step-by-step instructions to build in a variety of colors for a better understanding of color. Understand the principles of the gears and levers used to build the model, more robust than other similar kits.

Gear structure electric drive
By constructing our STEM suits, children can have a full understanding of the principle of gear transmission, so that children can become little engineers in the game

Education and Challenges
To understand and study the working principles of oil exploration machines by constructing buildings, in order to explore and discover the true functions of a large number of oil exploration machines at work.

Contains 6 categories
· 19 models of vehicles
· 11 military models
· 89 life tool models
· Which contains speed, force, gear transmission, leverage principle. 1, car model, 2, military model, 3, engineering model, 4, household electric model, 5, furniture tool model, 6, life daily model

This is a box of colorful educational electric technology blocks, which is designed by the STEM education system and designed to incorporate the Reggio Emilia approach education system as well.

It contains a rich number of parts and parts variety, more than 300 pieces of technology blocks, please note more than 300 pieces of technology blocks instead of ordinary blocks. This makes the model can move, rotate and achieve different angles of creativity. At the same time, we configure 1 power motor and a large capacity battery box, which makes this set of technology blocks more creative.

First of all, it contains 13 kinds of colors, the collocation of the model will be more colorful, which is conducive to children’s cognition of color and the cultivation of feelings, different models use different colors to form different patterns, which more can increase the expressive power because the color is one of the most favorable performance, it directly affects people’s feelings. At the same time, the color we also refer to the part of the Munsell Color System. Therefore, we added color on top of the traditional STEM.

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